5 Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Pain Management

The CDC estimates that 20% of adult Amerricans suffer from chronic pain, and 40% of those in chronic pain have such severe pain that they can’t live a normal life. If you have chronic pain, you may have tried dozens of options for relief without finding any that work.

At the holistic medical practice of Bonnie S. Friehling, MD, in Columbia, Missouri, we offer a range of pain management options, including biological allografts and exosome therapy, to heal long-term damage to your body. We also provide multiple targeted treatments to deal with specific injuries and chronic conditions.

Causes of chronic pain

Damage done to specific tissues, like cartilage, ligaments, or tendons, can cause chronic pain. If you’ve ever dislocated a joint, hurt your back, or worked in a field that required repetitive movements, you could end up with chronic pain in a specific part of your body.

Chronic illness can also cause chronic pain. If you have multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, or constant headaches, you could feel constant pain that’s less localized.

Dr. Friehling will look at your medical history and do a full exam before she suggests a treatment plan. Which option or options she recommends will depend on the cause of your chronic pain.

Benefits of holistic pain management

Holistic options for pain management have many benefits, including these five:

1A new approach to your pain

Holistic pain management can often work when other, more traditional treatments have failed. If you’ve tried other types of pain mitigation and none have worked, or you’re worried about their effects on your body, Dr. Friehling may be able to help with something different. For example, she might suggest ozone treatment for chronic spinal pain.

2. Fewer side effects

Most pain management programs involve medications that can have a lot of side effects. Holistic pain management is designed to work with your body’s internal functions, triggering natural healing and releasing endorphins, your body’s “feel good” chemicals.

3. Less resistance over time

Pain medication taken daily might work for a while, but effects typically lessen over time as your pain becomes resistant. In contrast, pain relief treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can relieve lower back pain or joint pain for long periods of time without building up such resistance.

4. Lower chance of dependence

If you’re a chronic pain sufferer, you probably worry about traditional pain prescriptions and the chance of becoming dependent. Holistic pain management doesn’t entail the same risk of addiction.

5. Treatment tailored to your condition

You may be able to get treatment that’s directly targeted for your specific type of pain, instead of an overall pain mitigation treatment. For example, Botox® can stop migraine pain by blocking chemicals that carry pain signals to the brain, intercepting the signals before they reach the nerve endings.

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