5 Ways Small Adjustments to Your Diet Can Have a Huge Impact

When it comes to weight loss and dieting, small changes are better than nothing at all. In fact, setting easy goals can give you the confidence to move on and accomplish even bigger things. Improving your health is a process, so here are five minor adjustments you can make to begin your wellness journey.

At her practice in Columbia, Missouri, Dr. Bonnie Friehling provides support for nutrition and health, taking a holistic dietary approach that works much better than a simple New Year’s resolution.

Small changes are key to success

If you’re trying to lose weight or establish a healthier lifestyle, success lies in the small victories. Minor adjustments are easier to maintain over time, becoming habits that keep you healthy.

There’s also the matter of setting realistic goals for yourself. Extreme measures like cutting out entire food groups, snacks, and desserts often leads to an unhealthy relationship with food.

Many people fail their diets because they remove things they enjoy, instead of just limiting their consumption of them. No foods are “guilty pleasures,” they’re just things you should savor when you have them.

5 small adjustments you can make starting now

Minor changes are the best way to begin your nutrition journey. They teach you how to make more of less, and the first 10 pounds of weight loss often have the most positive effect. In fact, the beginning stages of your diet should hardly feel like a diet at all, just a few subtle shifts to your routine.

Here are five ways you can begin building your new diet.

  • Don’t skip breakfast. Having a protein-rich meal at the beginning of the day can actually help you lose weight, managing your hunger so you don’t overeat at lunch
  • Carry a water bottle. Reaching for your water bottle doesn’t just keep you hydrated; it also keeps you from craving liquid calories like soda and juice
  • Switch up your snacks. Trading your chips and cookies for popcorn and rice crackers can satisfy your craving without breaking your diet
  • Trim your portions. You don’t have to limit yourself to tiny portions to make a difference — try taking just a little less
  • Take a break while eating. Pausing a meal to let your food settle gives you time to evaluate whether you’re still hungry, instead of just finishing your plate or adding seconds

How a nutritionist can help

Many weight loss strategies can be broken down into three basic principles: cut down on refined carbs and processed foods, load up on protein and vegetables, and exercise. However, figuring out the finer details and finding a nutrition plan that works for you can be a little more difficult. Every person is different, which means everyone needs personalized advice.

A nutritionist can help you build a plan that fits your needs, and Dr. Friehling offers hair mineral analysis to identify which vitamins and minerals you’re lacking.

To learn more about holistic nutrition and hair analysis, schedule a consultation by calling 573-446-1200, or visit the contact page for more information.

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