I am now Certified in Harper Joint Restoration. I offer the Ozonated Clot Matrix (OCM) Therapy for painful joints. This therapy is an additional ozone treatment for those who do not respond to Prolozone joint injections or Prolozone-PRP joint injections.

OCM uses B Vitamins and Amino Acids with Ozone to create a matrix where the platelets are held in a cytokine rich and highly ozonated clot matrix. This provides cells with the ideal structure and nutrition to enhance cellular differentiation, healing and restoration of structure.

OCM is easier and safer than PRP; centrifuging and chemical additives are not necessary. The process produces a fibrous matrix resembling foam that when injected into joints is active for 2 weeks stimulating your own stem cell activity and regenerating cartilage.

The fibrous matrix created in OCM stays active in the joints for up to 14 days; providing an ideal environment ripe for cellular stimulation and tissue regeneration to occur. With most patients, two to three injections over three months are very effective in reaching the desired treatment goal.

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The Procedure:

  • The joint is anesthetized and ozone is injected into the joint.
  • Blood is drawn and mixed with a amino acid/vitamin solution and allowed to clot in the Hula Cup for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Then the blood is mixed with ozone back and forth (see photo above) about 30 times. The ozone is expelled.
  • The clotted blood is injected into the joint, followed by another ozone addition.