Nutritional Therapies

Well, I am one of those that hardly knows how to begin, nor really where to end. So, I will begin with the day I decided to do black cancer salve for my thyroid cancer on March 13th. Dr. Eaton applied the black salve. And he gave me Dr. Friehling’s phone #. I will be honest. I only wanted to get pain meds, as I knew the black salve treatment could become painful. I did not realize that Dr. Friehling would have the answers to sooo very many questions that I had gathered in the last 30 years of the health and healing journey that I have been on. I feel like God helps us to cross paths with different people at specific times in our lives, and Dr. Friehling was one of these people.

I met Dr. Friehling on the 16th of March. I wanted to talk to her face to face. I’m so glad that I did. Several times she has said that she could just call me, but going for an appt helps me in so many varied ways. Perhaps it’s just her love for healing or her vitality. I go away encouraged, and enlightened.

On the 16th of March, the first thing she did was hand me Dr. Wilson’s book, “Nutritional Balancing and Hair Analysis”. Then we sent a hair analysis off, and finally, she provided me with a healing plan of a nutritional outline, coffee enemas, and supplements, meditation and encouraged me to get a near infrared sauna to begin that journey. I went away feeling hopeful that not only could I overcome cancer, but I was on target for healing my bedraggled body.

The thyroid tumor came out after 13 days on the black salve and the wound site was closed up by day 25. As of this writing, it is still shrinking and healing nicely. The hair analysis took about 2 weeks to come back, and in the mean time, I was losing weight, while basically laying in bed, and perhaps having a slow walk around the yard. I was exhausted most of the time through the black salve treatment and some beyond. This was not surprising when we got the hair analysis results.

The hair analysis showed that I was in adrenal exhaustion, as well as several areas of toxicity. But, I was already sleeping better, feeling better than I had in some time, and losing weight faster than I ever had any other way. So, she added a few more supplements to my regime, as well as begin Protocel. An important note here is that Dr. Friehling encouraged me to get off my anti-depressants. At first, I thought to myself, this is not the time, but I read the articles that Dr. Wilson has on them and realized that they were not beneficial to me. The supplement regime that she gave me helped me to wean off the anti-depressants in 3 weeks. I would not have thought this possible. I am not only happier but still able to handle the emotions that come when battling a disease.

The only other prescription medication I take is PTU for hyperthyroid. I was diagnosed in 1996 with multinodular hyperthyroid. The Dr’s tried to get me to radioactively kill my thyroid. I refused. I just believed that there must be some other way. At my third appt with Dr. Friehling we discussed the possibility of weaning off the PTU as well. I am down to one 50mg pill every other day. I do not have any adverse effects and will at some point have blood work done to see how everything looks that way.
In reading Dr. Wilson’s articles I have begun to realize that I have been pushing my body, a body that was already very tired, and it was not gaining me anything. I began to just take slow walks, and do gentle yoga. Very new to me. But as of the writing of this on June 1, 2012, I have lost 25 lbs, I feel so much better and realize that I have a ways to go yet toward being totally healed. My hair is getting thicker and my nails are so strong and long. I have greater mental clarity, and my energy is slowing improving as well.

Not only have my Dr’s appts with Dr. Friehling been wonderful, but I have never had a dr that was so supportive and interactive with me in my healing journey. Blessing come sometimes in various ways, and so I’m thankful for God and His plan that caused me to seek out Dr. Bonnie Friehling.

– P.A. age 50

Nutritional Therapies

Still doing well without migraine medication and weight loss. I’ve kept off my 28/29 pound weight loss. Haven’t hit 30 yet but am still hopeful. Migraine hits like clockwork on day 2 of my cycle. Excedrin migraine and ice pack take care of it. I’ve also reduced the amount of Crohn’s medication and still doing well. I continue to take my supplements and feel good. I run 3 miles every other day and on “off” days I either do yoga or toning and rest if needed. I’ve lost 4 inches around my chest and each thigh; and 2 inches around my arms, waist and hips.

Through this experience here is what I have learned:

Sugar makes my face break out
Diet soda gives me headaches
Stevia is my new best friend
Melatonin helps me get better sleep
This is the best shape I have ever been in my life
I am blessed to be a healthy example for others
I love being a medium/size 6 instead of a Large-X-Large/size 12. Thank you!

– M.A. female

Nutritional Therapies

As of this morning, I have lost 8.2 pounds. I think I am finally getting into a rhythm with drops and food. Overall, I physically feel better except for some weakness in the morning. One day two I had a bad migraine at 2 am and needed something in my stomach to take some Excedrin Migraine so I drank a cup of skim milk. On day 4 I was so weak after my shower I had to sit down. So I drank another cup of skim milk. I pulled up “Pounds and Inches” again on your website to see I’m only allowed a tablespoon of milk a day. But I read where I can eat a piece of fruit at bedtime. So I have been able to spread out my eating enough to feel ok in the morning.
I assume you removed the breadstick/melba toast from the diet so I can be gluten-free? I have noticed that my daily stomach cramping/bloating/gas has almost disappeared, and I did not have a headache during my monthly cycle last week. I feel like I am sleeping better as well. So I plan to continue with the diet and supplements. I would love to be a testimonial on your website.

If I encounter any problems, I will contact you. Thank you.

– M.A. female

Prolozone/PRP Therapy

I’ve told this story many times and want to put it out there to help others. My son broke his knee playing basketball in his freshman year in high school. If you google “jumpers knee” that is him. He was the “poster child,” a good basketball player and runner who had done a lot of both. The tendon broke the bone in mid-air since it was stronger than the bone, growth plate not yet closed. After orthopedic surgery, 7 2-inch screws, several weeks with not bending the knee or putting any weight on the leg, and then several weeks of physical therapy, he reached a point of pain from patellar tendonitis where he could not continue PT.

I learned about Dr. Friehling and prolozone therapy through a work contact whose wife was a patient and who Dr. Friehling had helped. We took my son to see her (5 hours away and so worth the drive). He had 3 shots in different places around his knee. He was immediately able to return to PT and to make a long story short, although the surgeons thought the screws might never be removed and it would be at least a year before he could play basketball again, the screws had to be removed within a couple of months of seeing Dr. Friehling (due to healing of the knee pushing the screws out), James returned to playing basketball within 6 weeks of that second surgery, and he played out his high school years pain free, with no trouble from the knee, starter on a team that won their bracket at a national tournament.

My husband also got a shot in his knee which has given him a lot of pain and it was very helpful. Three plus years later, we are thinking of returning for another shot. The cost is very economical, especially when compared with cortisone shots and surgery or stem cells. Anyone I’ve recommended this to who has followed through has also had success with this therapy.

– Chris Wilson

Prolozone/PRP Therapy & Ozone Therapy

Hi, Dr. Friehling, You treated Pat with ozone/PRP for shoulder pain 3/27, including major autohemotherapy. We are pleased with the results. She has been more focused and conversant, and the shoulders are more mobile and less painful during transfers. We are well aware of the benefits of PT for the shoulder joints–but frankly, we find it very difficult to inflict the necessary pain. Nonetheless, we plan to return in a couple of weeks for another session. You performed the treatment(s) very skillfully–thanks!

– P.W, female, age 77


I am more than happy to share my experience with this treatment. As a 56-year-old woman who went through menopause incredibly early (10 years ago at age 46), it wasn’t long before I began experiencing the frequently talked about symptoms of vaginal dryness and painful sexual intercourse. I tried hormone replacement therapy until I was 52 when a medical scare required me to stop taking them. I resorted to using over the counter vaginal moisturizers and lubricants but still had discomfort at times even with these measures.
When I saw the advertisement for THERMIva I quickly started doing some research. There are numerous testimonials on YouTube and many of the women touted the benefits of lubrication and elasticity. I also have experienced bladder leakage when I would sneeze or cough, so hearing of that potential benefit solidified my desire to have the procedure.
After my first treatment I noticed a little difference in my moisture level at first, but really noticed the difference in any kind of leakage. It was just gone, even with repeated sneezing and coughing fits as allergy season progressed.
A month later I had my second treatment. It was this one where I noticed much less need for lubrication and even after a couple of encounters with my husband, I asked if he could tell a difference. His response, “Oh yes, it feels like velvet.” That was validation enough!
I just experienced my third and final treatment of the series. I look forward to continued improvement and am completely sold on the procedure. I look forward to seeing what the future holds! Thank you again, Dr. Friehling. I will certainly be back (for other treatments too perhaps!!!)

– Becky, female, age 56