Traveling This Summer? Boost Your Immunity With IV Nutrition Therapy

Whether you’re traveling for business or have finally carved out time for that dream vacation, there’s a lot of work involved in travel. You’ll need to schedule the transportation, review the lodging, budget for extras and make sure things continue smoothly at home while you’re gone. All that work takes a lot of extra time and nutrition for your body to function at its best.

And once you’re traveling, you’ll be exposed to a host of new foods, people, and environments that add an extra level of stress to your body’s defense against viruses and other illness. IV infusion therapy can add a boost that helps your immune system do its job of keeping you energized and feeling your best.

The power of nutrition

The nutrients found in the foods you eat are your body’s source of fuel for maintaining overall health and wellbeing. Correctly balanced nutrition can reverse conditions like prediabetes, aid in cellular repair and regeneration, and increase your ability to fight off colds and other viral infections by helping your immune system function at peak levels. Without the right nutritional balance, you may be more susceptible to an illness that can quickly spoil your travel memories.

The advantages of intravenous (IV) infusion therapy

The strength and speed with which oral supplements aid your health are limited by the digestive process. Only about 50 percent of the vitamins and minerals you consume orally make it into the bloodstream. When delivered intravenously, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients bypass the digestive system and are directly available in your bloodstream at the rate of about 90 percent. This action quickly places these valuable substances where they’re needed most and in quantities that are beneficial to your overall well being.

How do you know which nutrients I need for IV infusion?

Rather than using a “one size fits all” approach to IV infusion, Dr. Friehling is a nutrition expert who customizes your treatment according to your current nutritional status. She uses a complex hair mineral analysis to help determine your needs. Your plan may include an individualized diet program, oral supplements, and IV infusion therapy to ensure your body receives the nutrients it needs as quickly as possible.

This is especially helpful as you gear up for traveling outside familiar environments where new activities, new foods, and new germs can create vulnerabilities in your immune system response. IV infusion therapy can restore much-needed balance to your nutritional status and improve your overall health.

Is IV infusion therapy safe?

When delivered by a medical professional like Dr. Friehling, under sterile conditions, IV infusion therapy is considered an overall safe therapy that can be of great benefit to many individuals. When added to a nutritious diet and other healthy habits, it may give your immune system just the boost it needs to make your next trip a success.

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