What Can Peptide Therapy Help With?

Are you looking for a natural way to help your body resist the effects of time passing? Peptides are a natural, safe way to help your body fight back against aging on multiple fronts. With peptide therapy, you can recapture your youth and feel and look stronger and healthier.

At her integrative practice in Columbia, Missouri, Dr. Bonnie S. Friehling offers peptide therapy to help provide antiaging results to her patients. Peptides occur naturally in your body, and they’re an excellent choice for those seeking holistic health options as they age.

Peptides 101

What exactly are peptides? These amazing amino acid chains occur in many foods, and they’re found everywhere in your body, working hard to help keep you healthy. Peptides often act as messengers, travelling through your body to carry important information.

In some cases, peptides act as hormones, signalling certain reactions. Without the right amount of peptides, many standard body functions can slowly begin to break down. This is a huge driver of the aging process.

Peptide therapy benefits

Adding peptides back into the body can have therapeutic effects and help slow the aging process. Peptides can aid in antiaging in the following ways:

Skin therapy

Your skin health is dictated by peptides, and when they’re reduced, your skin starts to wrinkle and age. This is the reason that many antiaging skin creams and treatments contain peptides.

Hair restoration

It’s been known for a long time that copper-binding peptides can help your body regrow hair naturally. You can find copper-binding peptides as part of many hair restoration treatments.

Cognitive improvement

It’s been discovered that whey peptides can actually increase cognitive improvement, particularly in older people with significant fatigue. These peptides are being studied for use with Parkinson’s disease patients.

Sleep improvement

The same antimicrobial peptides that are produced by the skin seem also to help sleep, according to several studies, which show that the peptide can be made in reaction to stressful situations when sleep could be beneficial to survival.

Body composition improvement

Looking to get a better body mass index (BMI)? There’s a peptide for that, too. Peptides could be the secret to losing fat and improving BMI numbers.

Gut disorders

Have tummy trouble? The right balance of gastrointestinal peptides in your gut could promote a better-running system, helping you absorb more good nutrients and flush bad ones.

Immune system balancing

Even tiny changes in the peptides in your system can positively affect your immune system, studies show.

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