Why Botox® May Be the Solution to Managing Your Migraine Pain

You wake up and immediately you feel it: the pain in your head, the sensitivity to light, and the inability to concentrate. It’s another headache day. For people like you, migraines are common, even something you’ve become used to experiencing. If you are tired of dealing with headache days that put you out of commission, Botox® might be the solution you’re looking for.

Dr. Bonnie S. Friehling, as well as the rest of our staff at her Columbia, Missouri office, want to offer you this fantastic option that has helped many patients reduce their number of headache days and better cope with chronic migraines. When you get Botox as a migraine treatment, you’ll see a significant change in the number of headaches you experience over time.

Botox treatments for migraines

Botox is the only FDA approved treatment for chronic migraines, which are migraines that occur on 15 or more days in a month. Botox treatments for migraines work by injecting a neurotoxin into the pain fibers in and around your scalp. The solution seeps into the nerve endings and helps prevent the experience of pain. In fact, Botox helps to keep you from experiencing a migraine before it ever happens.

This solution often requires multiple treatments and can take time to work. However, a study cited by the American Migraine Foundation states that, after two treatments with Botox, patients noticed a reduction in their headache days by approximately 50%.

A good candidate for Botox as a chronic migraine solution

Some individuals are better candidates than others for this treatment. For example, a patient who chooses this option must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a history of migraines
  • Experience at least 15 headache days a month
  • Experience at least eight migraine days during these 15+ headache days
  • Experience migraines that last at least four hours
  • Not suffer from other headache types, such as cluster headaches

Of course, these exact numbers may not apply to you every month, but if you think about the past year or so, if you have consistently experienced 15 or more headache days a month along with migraine symptoms, Botox could be a helpful solution for you.

The secret of Botox for migraines

People who have never experienced migraines have no idea how severe the symptoms are. And if you have chronic migraines, they can truly cause problems for your day-to-day life and even make it impossible to work, spend time with your family, or do anything else. Yes, Botox injections take time to start working, but one study found that, after just three months of treatment, most patients experienced improved symptom relief.

The real secret of Botox treatments for migraines is that this medication can reduce the amount of time you spend grappling with headaches, trying desperately to minimize the pain so you can live your life. And as we’re sure you know, this is a complete change for anyone who experiences chronic migraines.

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